August 3rd, 2017, 12:00 am


Its really hot up here. so much so that my air conditioner has been failing at its job on REALLY hot days. iv heard in Arizonan (where i use to live) that there having there plastic trash can melt from the heat.

So what have i been up to lately hummmm beside trying not to die from the heat, nothing... now i do need to get back to drawing/ writing and getting my shit together before the next con shows up in my local town in 2018. i been trying to get another comic up and going by May 2018. i wont tell you what it is, mostly because nothings quite set in stone.

Also im hoping to be moving to a new place by January or February with my friend (HOPEFULLY!!!) on the outskirts of town....I like my privacy. somewhere far so i dont have to deal with people like in town.

Well its not much but that's a small update on what i been doing (which is apparently nothing) but i hope you all are staying cool tonight in these high temperatures hoping to get some work up soon. bye bye


Mamoru the Guard, August 3rd, 2017, 2:00 pm

Hope you are Ok Hope that your AC gets fixed! Love your comic and hope that you keep up the good work! Good Luck! Also, have a nice day/night!

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